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Information about the Project

In the production of Domestic Helicopter “GÖKBEY”, “Robotic Based Domestic Composite Technology!”

TUSAŞ – Turkish Aviation and Space Industry Inc. The production of the critical “Composite Main Rotor Head and Tail Rotor Head Tension Links” of the T625 general purpose helicopter GÖKBEY produced within the body is carried out with the “9 Axis Tension and Force Controlled Robotic Fiber Filament Winding Technology” developed domestically by Intecro.

The “Robotic Filament Winding Technology” we have developed has passed the qualification tests and has been used in mass production in TUSAŞ Pal Production Workshop Clean Room Section for more than 1 year, by meeting international standards.

Manufactured Composite Links (Holders) function at a point where the shaking is very intense and the angular moment is very high, like the Rotor, which is the most critical part of the helicopter.

The capability provided by Intecro with a multi-disciplinary experience on the basis of material, machine, mold, robotics and software sciences has taken the domestic technology targets further in the Turkish Aviation industry.

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